Really Understand Binary by Rex A. Barzee

Really Understand Binary

Book Title: Really Understand Binary

Publisher: Maia LLC

ISBN: 0983384096

Author: Rex A. Barzee

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Rex A. Barzee with Really Understand Binary

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Are you planning a career in computing? Do you use binary or hexadecimal but want to understand it better? Software developers, network analysts, and computer security analysts are just some of the people who need to really understand binary.

The binary number system (also called base 2) is used by computers to store numbers and to perform arithmetic. A software developer that understands binary will write code that compensates for the limitations a computer has when doing arithmetic. A network analyst will use binary to divide and configure networks with subnet masks. A security analyst will use binary to understand data encryption and to analyze attacks.

This book will help you really understand binary by comparing it to what you already know in base 10. From this book you will learn

  1. How to easily convert between binary, hexadecimal, and decimal
  2. How to add, negate, subtract, divide, and multiply in binary
  3. How a computer multiplies integers in binary
  4. What the binary operators do: left shift, unsigned right shift, signed right shift, not, and, or, exclusive or
  5. How binary floating point numbers represent real base 10 numbers